Discover Yourself

One of the questions that causes the most anxiety among people is the question of identity: Who am I? Why am I on this planet? What is my purpose in life? Understanding the true meaning of life is the key to finding real and lasting happiness.

Who Am I – Does It Even Matter – The Yoga View of the Self

Who are you? Are you a woman or man? Mother or father? An artist or an educator? Executive? Student? Retired? American? Chinese? Christian? Buddhist? Black? White? Human? We define ourselves by our relationships, our careers, our beliefs, our age, race and nationality; but who would you be if you stripped away all of these labels?

Finding The True Self: The Science of Identity - Part 1 Essence

We often hear the term, “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.” If I am not my body and also not my mind, if all of these coverings are stripped away, who am I? What is my essence, my intrinsic quality and nature? The world’s most renowned yoga text, the Bhagavad Gita, contains clear and profound descriptions of the atma or true self. Join us as we begin our journey deep into the wisdom of yoga to uncover our true, intrinsic nature.

Finding The True Self: The Science of Identity - Part 2 Position

I do not exist in isolation. The very meaning of the word yoga is “union” or “relationship”. What is the nature of the relationship between me and my mind and body? What is my relationship with others, with the world around me, and ultimately, with the Supreme Soul? How do I fit into the universe? What is my true position?

Finding The True Self: The Science of Identity - Part 3 Function

Continuing the spiritual journey we explore our natural function. Yoga texts speak of “dharma” or intrinsic nature. The dharma of water is wetness, the dharma of sugar is sweetness but what is the dharma of the atma, the soul? Here’s a hint: it’s got a lot to do with love. Tune in to find out more.

Finding The True Self - Questions & Answers From The Series

Over the course of the series, many of you had very interesting and relevant questions so we set up this special Q&A session to explore some of those questions further.