The Brain Is Not the Mind

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What I want to do today is just read a short article uh, from a science magazine, so-called science magazine, anyway. Somebody sent me this article, one of my students sent this to me and uh, it's very important to uh, consider these facts when we look at the question of identity, Who are we? What are we? Yeah?

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So, in this article it states, "You may regard your brain as the most precious possession, even perhaps the locus, location, of "yourself", your dreams, memories and smarts. Now a British neurologist is wondering whether you might do just as well without it. This astonishing suggestion comes out of studies of many hydrocephalus victims." Some kind of disease, okay? "Hydrocephalus victims who got A's and B's in school despite the fact that their brain scans revealed quote "virtually no brain" unquote. Neurologist John Lorber at Sheffield University in England tells of one young woman, hospital worker with an I.Q. of 120, but no detectable brain and a university student with an I.Q. of 126 obtained an honors degree in Mathematics, Economics and Computer Studies, despite the fact that his cranium was filled entirely with spinal fluid." In other words, there wasn't a brain in his head. Okay? Now this is astounding. It really should have been front page news. I'm serious, this should have been front page news instead of an obscure little article in, you know, how interesting. The very foundation of our entire society is based on all the non-truths that were uh, destroyed by this one article's information. The information contained in this one article. Our whole society is based on the foundation that, oh, all kinds of things, okay? Just look at one of them, okay, drugs. Drugs are supposed to uh, cure a person's mental hang-ups. What do psychiatrists say?

There's a guy here in Hawaii, Dr. Lynn of the State Mental Hospital, Hawaii State Mental Hospital. He made a statement, a press release, recently, a statement to the press that, "We know as much about the mind, psychiatrists know as much about the mind as an orthopedist knows about bones." He's identifying the mind as being the brain and he's saying he knows as much about the brain as the orthopedist knows about bones. The materialist believes that the mind is the brain; the brain is the mind. Huh. If there's something wrong with your mind, then there must be something wrong with your brain. So they get drugs, or shock treatment. Just shake up the brain. You know how they make believe that they know all about what's going on with the brain, you know, we can, you know there's, there's...this is doing this, and this is where your memory center is, and this is where your speech center is, and this is where your, you see, this is where everything's contained here. And this is where your, you know, this is the newly evolved part of you, this is where the intellect is and this is the area and, say, "Listen this guy didn't even have a brain. (Laughter) You know that grey clump of matter that you've been saying is the seat of the self, and the seat of intelligence, and the seat of all our memory and it's the memory bank and that computer is it? This guy over here doesn't even have one! He's getting straight A's
in school." And they go, "Oh, that's interesting we'll have to, maybe we were wrong." Huh. "Maybe we were wrong." This one scientist, how does he put it? He says uh, "Dr. Lorber told the British Magazine World Medicine that the cerebral cortex may be much less important than we have assumed." Can you believe it? (laughs) These guys are too much. The whole foundation for the last hundreds of years in materialistic medicine has been based on this idea of the brain being everything really. You know, the person is the brain, you know, the guy dies. You even have these science fiction movies of the guy dying and they keep his brain alive and they, they, he's still alive, you see. He's the brain, you know, or they're going to keep all his knowledge there anyway. Maybe just figure out if they could just look inside the brain of Einstein, or just get that knowledge out of that, that's locked in that computer, you see. As if all the memories, and all the knowledge, and all the information, everything is somehow in that so-called computer. In the first place, even for those of us who have brains, (laughs) the brain matter is continually changing. The turnover of molecular particles which make up the brain is so rapid, that you don't have the, it's not the same mass of matter that's in your head today that was there four days ago. The turnover of matter, of molecular particles is so uh, quick. It's not the same clump of matter. So even for those of us who have a brain, since there's no particle of matter that's still there in the head that was there a week ago, what is all this nonsense about saying that the memory is stored in the memory bank in the brain? It's always changing. The brain I had is gone. I can still remember things from years ago, what to speak of weeks ago. And not only that... They say, oh it's the structure is the same though. In fact, the brain's always changing. It's not a structure. It's a fluid mass. It's not like there's some solid structure there. Even the structure's changing. And if that was not enough to convince them, then surely this information should be. Surely they have no explanation on how these guys can't have brains, but they have memory, intellect, and, of course, they still exist. The self is definitely not the brain or any part of the brain. If I was my brain and I was one of those guys, I would not be, if I was some part of the brain. Now, these guys, their excuse now is that, "Maybe it's not that big a brain is needed.” They're saying, "Maybe you don't need that much, maybe just a little speck of grey matter in there will be enough to do all these things", you see. In some of them there is nothing there at all, they can't explain it. Hm, this is nonsense.

The brain is not the mind. The brain is not where the memory is stored, the mind is. The mind is a subtle material energy which is not seen with this gross material eye. It is the subtle material energy, and it is in that subtle material energy, that subtle material body where you'll find all the memories.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler - founder of Science of Identity Foundation